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'The Spirit of TWA' 2008 Coast to Coast Legacy Flight
JFK Pic's
'The Spirit of TWA' was the first arrival at the new Jetblue Airways T5.
Landing JFK - Above Two Photos by Sam Meyer
Dave Barger and Ruth
Ruth, Cpt. Curt and Kaye Chandler

Kaye Chandler
Giacomo 'Jocko' Liberatore


'The Spirit of TWA' Has Arrived
By Capt. Curt (Rocky) Walters…

Hi all, My excitement of the last 4 days will live with me forever.  From the small airports across this great country to the immensity of JFK this has been an experience that only, and I mean only, walking on the moon could top.  What fine people I have had the privilege of meeting.  I have always been proud to be an American and what I have seen and the experiences I have had only reinforces how humbled and grateful I am to be in this nation.  I would also like to report to you that I have just toured the new JetBlue terminal and it is nothing short of awesome.  As a side note, Ellie was the first aircraft arrival at the new terminal.  The Irony is delightful. Ok, that's all for now, big day tomorrow then even bigger trip back home as reported by the following article.

Curt 'Rocky' Walters

Kansas City Pic's
'The Spirit of TWA' parked in front TWA headquarters, 10 Richards Rd.
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